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Brian LindgreN


Mixing Discography Highlights

Production Discography Highlights

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about brian Lindgren

While training as a classical violist at the Eastman School of Music, Brian Lindgren discovered a passion for music production and engineering. Since then, and with dozens of releases to his name and millions of plays, Brian has dedicated himself to providing his clients with the most compelling productions and mixes.

As a violist and producer he has written and recorded string parts for legendary rapper, RA The Rugged Man, as a producer he has worked with many NYC based artists, from Milán to Sonia Choi, as a mixer he’s mixed projects ranging from indie electro pop artists such Kissey to underground Detroit electronic artists like Pinocchio Soul. Within the corporate advertising realm he’s produced music for many companies including Nabisco, Estée Lauder and Amtrak.

“My soul focus is to create music that makes a deep impact in people’s lives, just like I’ve experienced from all my favorite composers, producers and engineers” says Lindgren. “First and foremost I’m a passionate musician and look forward to working with anyone who has a vision they want to manifest and the passion to make it happen.”

From performing as violist in Carnegie Hall to producing and mixing some of the most cutting-edge new artists, as well as producing impactful theme music for the most discerning corporate clients, Lindgren’s ear and dedication to musical excellence is continuing to earn trust with his many clients.


pax-humana-dec12-2013-brian1-177 TOP CROP



  • Mackie HR 824
  • Yamaha NS-10M (Acurus A250 amp)
  • UAD Apollo
  • Sony MDR-7506
  • AKG K240
  • ATH-M30

Outboard / Mics:

  • AKG 414 B-ULS
  • AKG Perception 200
  • Behringer ECM8000
  • AT2020
  • SM48
  • (2) ART Tube Preamp
  • BLA PM-8

Instruments / Controllers:

  • Moog Slim Phatty
  • Korg DSS-1
  • Korg SP-300
  • Axiom 25
  • Korg Padkontrol
  • Novation Twitch
  • Akai APC Key 25
  • Emperor Baritone Horn
  • Lanakai S-TEO Ukulele
  • Schecter Daimond Series Bass
  • Harmony Stella Guitar


  • Pro Tools 2023
  • Ableton Live 10 Suite
  • Melodyne 4 Editor
  • Izotope RX
  • Soundtoys Suite
  • Fabfilter Suite
  • Xfer Serum
  • Sylenth
  • BBE Sonic Sweet


  • NI Plugins
  • Slate Digital
  • UAD Plugins
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Valhalla
  • D16 Plugins

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